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Dr. Anna Yatsenko had her drive to be a chiropractor at a very young age. Her volunteer work at a chiropractic office turned into a life-changing job opportunity.

Her observations of patients recovering from various conditions implanted a dream in her heart. She wanted to become a part of the field that had impacted so many lives. She then went on to get her education to fulfill that dream.  Pursuing her undergraduate studies at UC Davis in Physiology, Neurology and Behavior, she later graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. Anna Yatsenko has volunteered and given chiropractic treatment for organizations all over California. Some of these include: the AIDS Lifecycle Ride, the U.S. Open of Volleyball, Women's U.S.A. Water Polo, Supergirl Jam, Disney Wide World of Sports Taekwondo Tournament, and the Long Beach Substance Abuse Foundation.

Dr. Yatsenko's vision is to help individuals reach their optimal potential of health through chiropractic, nutrition and wellness care. Her method involves determining the underlying causes of any disturbances or disruption in the body that alter the proper function of the nervous system, and then providing interventions and lifestyle alterations that would enhance and optimize that individual's wellbeing. Dr. Anna Yatsenko wants to be a part of helping others in the journey to reach this goal of maintaining optimal health. "Restoration and healing others is what I was put on this earth to do. I want to continue seeing lives changed in my office. The simple fact is that the human body, created by God, has the ability to heal itself when interferences such as subluxations (spinal misalignments), toxicity, poor nutrition, and poor exercise are eliminated. These 5 Pillars of Wellness are what will help reach the optimal health you were created to have.

Dr. Anna Yatsenko has always been interested in helping others reach their full potential of health. She has a special interest in caring for people of all walks of life, from expectant mothers, newborns, children, to athletes. She uses a wide variety of techniques to be able to care for every individual based on specific needs with the goal of providing the specialized wellness care necessary.

Dr. Anna Yatsenko

Dr. Lesley Vance was born in Oceanside, CA, but moved to Washington, DC as a child and has lived on the East Coast her entire life.  She is a military spouse and she and her husband lived in Norway for three years preceding their move to Southern California.

Dr. Vance obtained her undergraduate degree magna cum laude from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where she majored in premedical studies.  She was the president of the Alpha Chi honor society and a member of the Tri-Beta National Honor Society for biology.  It was at a meeting for that Dr. Vance met and interviewed a chiropractor.  She immediately added chiropractic colleges to her wish list schools and, when she was accepted a year later, Dr. Vance chose to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic.  This decision impacted her health and her life to this day.  Chiropractic has also been instrumental in improving the well-being of her family.

Dr. Vance practices the techniques of Diversified, Activator Method and Blair Upper Cervical chiropractic.  She believes in a careful, specific, all-encompassing approach to treatment to maximize safety and results.  Dr. Vance wants optimal health for all her patients.  She believes that true health comes from within and that chiropractic is one of the critical tools to tap into peak vitality and longevity.  Dr. Vance also believes in starting on the path to health as early as possible which is why she loves working with pregnant mothers and newborn children.

Dr. Lesley Vance

Dr. Melissa Vega first became interested in chiropractic at the young age of 8 when she and her family were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Her mother, a caring and health conscious individual, recognized the impact the accident left on her young daughter and turned to chiropractic for healing.

From her first adjustment to the first sight of a spine model, Dr. Vega was fascinated by the idea of chiropractic. Since then, Dr. Vega has been working hard toward becoming a doctor to help others experience and reap the benefits of chiropractic.

Dr. Vega received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science from California State University of San Bernardino and continued her education to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences. Her greatest passion is providing care to introduce and maintain wellness to anyone who can present in the office with a spine. From her dedicated studies and involvement in the community, Dr. Vega understands that no single approach is the right approach for every individual. She strongly believes that customizing a specific plan to fit the needs of each patient is vital to her success in preserving health. Dr. Vega uses a variety of methods and techniques to prevent health problems from arising and to help individuals get back to health.

Through her continuing education, Dr. Vega has also become a Certified Medical Examiner. She is certified to perform Department of Transportation physical examinations in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety & Administration guidelines to ensure that a driver is medically qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle. While keeping the roadways safe, Dr. Vega always offers fair and equal opportunities to drivers who are fully capable of performing their everyday work duties.


Dr. Yatsenko and associates make a great team and have like-minded philosophies.  Their joint mission is to bring elevated health and wellness to the High Desert.  That’s why they teach their patients about all aspects of health and even go to businesses and organizations in the High Desert for no charge to educate the community.  Our doctors are excited to present a series of health care topics bimonthly at their new, larger location in 2017!

Dr. Melissa Vega
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