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Accident Victims Fund

What Is The Accident Guys Victims' Fund? 

The Victims’ Fund is a non-profit organization founded by The Accident Guys , a legal firm specializing in personal injury cases. When low-income Californian motorists are involved in an automobile accident where the other party is both at-fault and uninsured or underinsured, The Victims’ Fund assists with the payment of bills associated with the accident, including medical bills, coverage of lost income, and funeral costs.


Why Someone May Need Assistance Following an Auto Accident

In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives to car crashes, and about 4.5 million people were seriously injured in crashes. Anyone can get into a car accident; accidents can be costly; whether an individual is involved in an automobile, pedestrian, or even a work incident, it can exhaust their savings account. Some of the financial stressors that accidents can encompass range from: 


  • Downtime of the injured employee due to doctor's appointments or rehab

  • Loss of the main method of transportation

  • Cost of long-term effects of injuries

  • Transportation costs.


Apart from the mental anguish the victim may feel there is a magnitude of out-of-pocket expenses that the victim may have to pay; it often is enough to drive them past the breaking point financially. Overall, many families in California are not prepared to cover surprise expenses like medical bills or unexpected funeral costs. 




How a Victim's Fund Can Help

The Victim's Fund by The Accident Guys' goal is to help alleviate the financial burden of people in need who have been catastrophically injured in a car accident. In addition to suffering financial loss, car accidents can have a profound psychological effect on the human mind. Victims shouldn't have to worry about stressing over the burden of never-ending medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Any help during those difficult moments can go a long way, The Victim’s Fund was created as a resource for those in need during any type of personal injury accident.

Low-income motorists involved in an accident caused by another party can apply for assistance online by clicking the “Apply” button and filling out the displayed form on the website:



Who Started This Fund?

Eliot Houman and Omid Dayan of  The Accident Guys created the Victims Fund to help low-income victims injured in a car accident and unable to pay for medical bills. They manage law offices at over 20 locations throughout California, including Victorville, CA

Due to the costly outcomes of an accident, they wanted to offer medical support and legal assistance to victims who suffered from substantial injury and are unable to cover the costs. Moreover, the fund will assist with funeral costs if someone loses a loved one in a car accident. 

Changing the lives of victims catastrophically injured or killed in a car accident – one donation at a time. The Accident Guys founding partners, Eliot and Omid, also sit on the nonprofit's board of directors as President and CEO, respectively. They are joined on the board by CFO Navid Barkhodar, Secretary David Tehrani, and the Vice-President, Dr. Pouyan Famini. 

The Victim's Fund's mission is to change the lives of victims catastrophically injured or killed in a car accident – one donation at a time. This is all made possible with the generous contributions of others.

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