Shockwave Therapy in Victorville, CA

Here at Hands of Health Chiropractic, we consider it a real privilege to look after your health needs and are excited to introduce our innovative shockwave therapy services in Victorville, CA.

With a broad spectrum of pain management treatments at our fingertips, we’re committed not just to relieving chronic pain but also enhancing your overall quality of life. Isn’t it time you experienced the transformative healing power of shockwave therapy?

Step into our advanced chiropractic office today – where your journey towards optimal health awaits you!

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, high-tech treatment used by professionals to help patients manage their chronic pain. This innovative therapy utilizes rapid pressure waves that penetrate deep into the tissue.

These intense energy pulses boost blood circulation in the targeted area and spark your body’s own repair mechanisms.

While it sounds intimidating, shockwave therapy is highly beneficial and safe for treating a range of pain management issues such as chronic back pain, sports injuries, or other musculoskeletal conditions.

Furthermore, treatments can improve our patient’s overall quality of life without resorting to surgery or prolonged medication usage – making it an optimal health choice at our chiropractic office.

Shockwave Therapy in Victorville, CA

Our Shockwave Therapy Services in Victorville, CA

At Hands of Health Chiropractic in Victorville, CA, we offer a range of shockwave therapy treatments to address chronic pain and injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries, as well as foot conditions like plantar fasciitis.

We also provide shockwave therapy for those dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave Therapy in Victorville, CA

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are essentially sound waves with a more specific wave form when compared with ultrasound wave forms. Unlike ultrasound wave forms. Shockwave therapy penetrates deeper into the tissue and thus to the site of injury. The biologic signaling effect of shockwaves is much higher than ultrasound and is therefore clinically much more effective


  • Shoulder injuries (e.g. rotator cuff)
  • Golfer’s and Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
  • Chronic foot/heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • Jumper’s knee (patella tip syndrome)
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Muscle pain

Treatment duration is approximately five to ten minutes. some patients and/or conditions require more shocks and a longer duration, depending on severity and chronicity (how long the condition or injury has existed).

This therapy stimulates the body’s natural self-healing process. There is an immediate reduction of pain and an improved range of motion.

Typically, four to six treatments are necessary at weekly intervals; there is a small possibility that additional treatments may be necessary if your condition is very chronic. Should you not respond in this time, your case will be reviewed with the doctor to determine the appropriate next steps.

Success Rates

More than 80% of patients report improvement even after just one treatment. depending on your condition you will likely be scheduled for 4-6+ sessions. The outcome depends on variety of factors, but most studies report a healing rate of up to 95%.