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I have been seeing Dr. Anna for the past 6 months, and she is the only person that has really made a difference in my health. I have severe back problems and fibromyalgia. I was always hesitant to try a chiropractor. I tried many doctors, lots of meds, massage, etc. I wish I had met Dr. Anna years ago, and understood what a Chiropractors role is in the human body and nervous system. Dr. Anna’s approach of overall health and understanding of wellness in incomparable to anyone I have seen. She listens, cares, and explains what she is doing and why. I now understand my illness, what it does to my body, and what we need to do to get me better. It’s like therapy, education, and adjustments all rolled up into one. I truly look forward to each visit, and I cannot imagine feeling again like I did before I came to Hands of Health. Dr. Anna has earned my trust and respect so much that I have now taken my son who has Asperger’s to her as well. I see a remarkable difference in his health since he began adjustments. He is off ALL medication that he has taken for 7 years, he has lost 15 pounds, and he is much more calm and focused. Dr. Anna gets 5 stars from my family 🙂

Melanie O.

I feel amazing! After months of being in pain and feeling older than my years on earth, I arrived at Hands of Health in tears and thinking that there was little hope for regaining the vitality I had always known in the past. With their loving treatment and education about my body I am my feisty self again. I am able to sustain activities that are difficult for people half my age. Thank you ladies, one and all for your gentle, loving and encouraging treatment and helping me in the healing of my body, mind and spirit.

Deborah M.

Feb 2015 was the start of my facial pain; it felt like someone was pulling down on both cheeks. It started radiating into my jaws. I was miserable walking around trying to get relief by holding pressure against my cheeks. I tried a dermatologist, he said my face was inflamed and prescribed antibiotics for three months then another 3 months, this didn’t work. Still in pain I tried my general doctor and was referred to a neurologist and physical therapy. For immediate relief they prescribed Novocain patches……you’ve got to be kidding! I tried pain killers, muscle relaxers these didn’t help.

I went to a Neurologist at Loma Linda; he completed a series of tests. Tests were normal. I tried this certificate for Hands of Health Chiropractic Healing hands,,, after a couple weeks (3X a week) and the stretches. The facial pain has gone away what a relief!

Debbie C.

A caring health oriented facility. Dr. Anna is well versed in health through nutrition and holistic common sense.

Anita W.

I noticed a change in my 22 month old so quickly after she was adjusted. she has been struggling with constipation for the last 6 months and has been regular now for weeks!

Melissa S.

I strongly recommend Dr. Anna as a chiropractor. She is not one of those quick fix pain chiropractors, that only mask the problem. Dr. Anna goal is to find what’s causing the pain and work tirelessly to fix the issue, (instead of just masking it with cortisone shot like some doctors I been too). I been seeing Dr. Anna for almost a year and she performed wonders with me. I now am looking forward to my future instead of worrying about my health.

Derrick J.

Ever since I’ve been going to hands of heath I’ve been feeling healthy and smart –But doctor Anna is more than a doctor she is a friend. Thank you Doctor Anna for helping me!

Trevor O.

If your not sure if you should see a Chiropractor, the answer is you do! I spent 10+ years thinking it was just tension and soreness from work and exercising. And, I could manage it. I was completely wrong! I have had only 3 visits with Dr. Anna so far, and my quality of life has already began to change much more than I could have ever imagined! Dr. Anna is a perfect mix of professional, caring, and friendly. I am anxiously awaiting my next visit!

Tod D.

Dr. Ana is amazing. Before I started going, I could barely stand up straight after getting out of car. With a little work, I can now easily get out of the car and stand straight up. Lower back pain as decreased a lot. Best Chiropractor in the High Desert. Everyone is friendly and treat you not just like another patient. Will continue going and highly recommend her. Keep up the good work!

Dennis N.

I’ve never put much faith into chiropractors. However, after ten plus years of being in pain I thought I’d give it a try. My symptoms got to the point where I had constant numbness in my arms and I was waking up every hour of the night combating neck pain and insomnia. The staff and doctors at Hands of Health were great! Not only did they listen and answer all my questions but were always concerned with my day to day condition. Can’t say just how wonderful it is to finally be out of pain and to be able to get a full nights rest. I would (and have) recommend anyone who’s looking for a lasting way to improve their lives to these great people.

Bryan A.

Dr. Lesley Vance is amazing. I went in with severe headaches, bad neck pain, and no energy at all. I am now pain free and I can do everything I have always wanted to do. Thank you so very much DR. Lesley.

Judith C.

Absolutely LOVE them! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my pain since seeing Dr. Anna. My 5 month old also is her patient. My sister and my husband will soon be going in. As you see, she’s good! I wouldn’t be bringing my whole family if I had not noticed a true difference 🙂

Karina F.

After being adjusted elsewhere for about two years and then coming here, I will say the doctors are amazing and know their stuff! They are so thorough and their adjustments really help fix things! I love that they take their time and remember who you are and what goals you are working on with your health. My almost three year old and my three week old are also seen, and my three year old regular asks to see Dr. Anna and get fixed! Our family loves these ladies!!!

Cyndi W.

Amazing changes in my families health and my own! God bless you Dr. Anna! you ROCK.

Marlene S.

This place is awesome! I was hectic to go in because my last “chiropractor” really messed me up, but They were great here. They explained everything thoroughly, took x-Rays and showed me the problem. I’ve been going for about 6 months now and I’ve noticed a great difference. I highly recommend their expert and friendly staff 🙂

Melissa V.

Dr. Anna is a great healer! Very knowledgeable, and her hands can do magic. It was such a relief to have her do adjustments for me! I wish i lived closer so i could visit her on the weekly basis. Thank you.


Dr. Anna really takes the time to explain what is causing problems and explains how they can be fixed. I feel I can trust her with my care because she cares for all of you and explains everything. I have learned so much and have had allergies and reflux issues fixed that I never thought were neck related issues.

Jeannette B.

Dr. Anna is an amazing practitioner. She has been treating me for a couple of months. Under her care and treatment plan I have had great improvements in restoring my spinal health including a healing neck and shoulder problem that I have been suffering from for years after physical injuries. The most impressive part of my treatment has been my blood sugar levels. As a diagnosed type 1 diabetic I have tested my blood sugar before and after adjustments and have always had a beneficial drop in blood sugar after my adjustments. Even during the time of day when my blood sugar would be going up, I have had my blood sugar come down. After my appointments I have seen my blood sugar go down anywhere from 8 to 25 points. I am very pleased and would recommend Hands of Health to anyone that would want to improve their health.

Tyler G.

Love this place.. the Dr really takes the time to learn about my concerns and she is great wt kids. She has really helped us.. and my son loves coming. Office staff is great and greet you by name.

Cheryl C.

I’ve been going here for 2 months and my back is healing due to the educated professionalism. this gal knows her stuff and how to work you in shape by using top of the line equipment and natural healing techniques. In life you get what you pay for, you pay a little more and you walk away with less pain and satisfaction knowing this chiropractor cares for your healing and well being.

Ron T.

I appreciate having a chiropractic doctor that treats a person as a whole, creates a plan for improved health, and provides the instructions for how to feel and function better. This office is a great place to start and going here first could save you the time and trouble of a less than satisfactory experience anywhere else. I believe that Dr. Anna is providing more and higher quality care for her patients than is common in today’s chiropractic offices. If you have been going somewhere else where they have plenty of add-on services that are charged to your insurance but you aren’t pleased with the service or don’t feel any better, you may really enjoy the difference of good customer service and on point care given at this office – so give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

Laura B.

Dr. Anna is awesome! She has been treating me for about 1 year and I have noticed GREAT improvement with my condition. Dr. Anna is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Nicholas S.

No mess, no fuss, quick and easy. Warm, yet not schmarmy. Dr. Anna takes care of myself and my 12 year old daughter.

Brett R.
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