Massage Therapy in Victorville, CA

Massage Therapy

Standard Modalities

  • Deep Tissue
    Reaches deeper layers of tissue to release adhesions and tension; use of elbows, forearms, fingertips and muscles Works with fascia Less oil/lotion/gel for better grip on tissue.
  • Swedish
    Superficial contact to soothe, relax, and relieve stress and tension. Quicker strokes with sufficient oil/lotion/gel to create slicker effect

Eastern Modalities

  • Shiatsu
    Uses finger and palm pressure to meridians to improve the flow of vital energy in the body. Uses stretching, tapping, compressing, kneading. Uses meridian system to balance the body and support healing process. Helps clear channels of blocked energy is not performed with oil/lotion/gel and undressing is not necessary
  • Tui Na
    Uses brushing, kneading, rolling, pressing along the meridian system to acknowledge injuries. Helps clear channels of blocked energy. Not generally for relaxation-addresses injuries. Is not performed with oil/lotion/gel and undressing is not necessary

Extra Services

  • Reflexology
    Addresses specific reflex points on the foot and hands to refer a response to corresponding organs and other areas of the body.
  • Prenatal
    Side-lined positioning to assist in a comfortable, soothing massage. Addresses areas of stress, pain, and discomfort during pregnancy
  • Lymph Drainage
    Uses gentle strokes to encourage lymph flow in the body. Light, circular pumping movements. Drains puffy, swollen tissues, supports body’s immune system, helps body heal from surgery, aids in the body’s natural waste removal or detoxification
  • Reiki
    For stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit encouraging feelings of peace, security and well-being. Administered by laying hands on a person and allowing life force energy to flow as needed.